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Ebon Arts Items Edit

There are a handful of items that the Ebon Arts mod brings to Minecraft. It seems kind of redundant to include all of the basic items dropped from ores, since it is still called by the ore's name, so I will not include them in here unless the community wants to see them. This is still early in development, but more are sure to come.

Obsidian and Glowstone Shards are needed to create the Obsidian and Glowstone varieties of building blocks. There are currently 2 ways to get Shards, either using Draconium Dust, Gunpowder, and either Quartz or Obsidian, or using Glowstone Dust or Glowstone.

Obsidian Shards

Obsidian shard
Obsidian shard2-0

Glowstone Shards

Glowstone shard
Glowstone shard2-0

Music Disc Config Items Edit

This mod adds a way to create music discs by creating a Shimmering Disc out of Velious / Diamond and combining it with dye.

Shimmering Disc

Note: for a complete list of what dyes to use with the Shimmering Disc, please use something like NEI or experiment!

Horse Config Items Edit

This mod also adds a way to create saddles and horse armor (which can be disabled via the config).



Iron Horse Armor


Gold Horse Armor


Diamond Horse Armor


Vanilla Item Recipes Edit

I added a variety of miscellaneous item recipes found in Vanilla Minecraft that are useful.



Name Tag

Name tag

Packed Ice

Packed ice



Clay Ball

Clay ball

Final thoughts Edit

Note: This will be changing as I update things based on community feedback.