Table of Contents Edit

Ebon Arts Configs Edit

There are various configuration options that can be toggled from either the in-game menu (must restart the client for changes to take affect) or the actual config file itself. The various parts are listed below.

Create Horse Armor and Saddles Edit

I personally hate not being able to create these items. They, in my opinion, are too rare and vital as horses are totally awesome. These items should be used, not horded due to the fear of losing them.

Create Music Discs Edit

Again, it isn't exactly hard to make a Skeleton kill a Creeper, until you start to use other mods like Lycanite's Mobs. Then when you do actually see a Creeper, you are usually bombarded with a lot of other mobs. This config option introduces a new craftable item called a Shimmering Disc that can be used to create various music discs, depending on the color of dye added to it.

Create Vanilla Items - Added in v1.0.9a Edit

I added the ability to create some basic vanilla items that are pretty useful. To see the full list, please go to the Items section of this wiki.

Decrafting System - Temporarily Disabled as of v1.0.9a Edit

This is a WIP extra utility that allows players to convert various items back into their base components without needing any extra tables or items. Currently, there are options to enable or disable decrafting mod items and vanilla items separately to give players more flexibility. I got this idea while playing recently. I made too many Quartz Stairs and needed raw Quartz to make a Daylight Sensor but found myself out of luck. Not anymore.

Ebon Arts Tools/Weapons/Armor Edit

I decided to add this option in case anyone thought the tools, weapons, or armor I added to the game were too powerful or not what they wanted to use. As of now, this enables or disables only the creation of these items. That being said, they can still be found via the Creative tab. Also, this is a blanket statement that will turn all tools, weapons, or armor on or off (each with its own config). If requested enough, I can make it so you can enable or disable certain sets separately. I like to give people options.